Welcome Incoming Students!

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Welcome to Harding University!
If you're a new student, you've probably already heard that forty times today and will hear it hundreds more before your first day. If you're a returning student, welcome back! It's almost time to begin another semester, and we at DormNet are here to help make that transition easier, whether this is your first time at school or you're back for your final semester.

Harding provides Internet access to all of the students, faculty, and even visitors on campus through wireless network coverage that blankets campus and optional wired connections in your dorm room. However, keeping such a large network operating and secure is not an easy task, so Harding has implemented several tools to help with it. These tools are in place to help protect you and your data.

SafeConnect and Antivirus
You might have been a little confused when you first connected your laptop to the network and were asked to install a small program called SafeConnect. This is simply a program to detect whether or not you are using antivirus software and that your operating system is up-to-date. We don't use it to monitor your activity or anything like that. It's just to help keep your data, as well as that of everyone else, safe from malware.

When it asks for a username/password, just input your Harding username and password.  This will also occur when connecting portable devices to Harding's network. When it asks for your username/password, just use your regular Harding username/password. It will NOT download anything to your portable device; it will just register it with the network.

If you have any questions, just give us a call at the DormNet Help Desk at (501)279-4545.  We’re here to help!

Add Your Harding Email to a Mail App
So you've just been given a brand new email address and told to check it daily (which you absolutely should do. How else will you know if you're teacher has cancelled class or rescheduled a test?).

Just follow these instructions for setting up your Harding e-mail on your tablet/phone.  

If you have any questions, just give us a call at the DormNet Help Desk at (501)279-4545.  We’re here to help!

Wireless Access in the Dorms and Around Campus
If you are connecting to the wireless network in the dorms, you will see a wireless network with called HU-Student. This will be the network available in every dorm on campus, and is the one you'll need to connect to.  There will be posters in your dorm with the password. 

If you are in one of the other buildings around campus, you should connect to HUWA-SEC.  This is the secured wireless network for campus.  You do NOT want to use HUWA-GUEST if you are a student.  Here’s why:  HUWA-GUEST is designed for visitors to the campus.  It is NOT a secure network and should never be used for important business (like banking, etc.).  It is comparable to a network utilized by public places like McDonalds.  HUWA-GUEST has significantly less bandwidth allocated than HUWA-SEC.
If HUWA-SEC is not available, but you see a connection called HU-SEC, connect to that one instead. The instructions below will work for setting up HU-SEC, just replace every instance of HUWA-SEC with HU-SEC.

Both HUWA-SEC and HUWA-GUEST utilize Harding’s content filtering.  Using HUWA-GUEST will NOT get you more access than HUWA-SEC and will get you less bandwidth.

If you have any questions, just give us a call at the DormNet Help Desk at (501)279-4545.  We’re here to help!

M Drive: Network Storage on Campus
Harding offers each current student a gig of network storage space. Whenever you log into a campus computer, you'll have access to 1 gig of network storage under "Computer". This is an excellent place to store your work in labs or the library so you can access it on any computer. You can also access it from your personal computer by visiting hushares.harding.edu and logging in with your Harding info.

If you have any questions, just give us a call at the DormNet Help Desk at (501)279-4545.  We’re here to help!

Gaming in the Future, Without the Temperamental Time Travel

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At CES this year, gaming equipment company Razer unveiled Project Valerie, a triple-screen gaming laptop. As amazing as that is, even more sci-fi is Project Ariana, their environmental projection system.

Powered by Razer Chroma, Project Ariana uses a pair of 3D cameras to scan the surface of your room and project a carefully calculated expansion to what is on your screen as you game, no matter how cluttered or complicated your room is.

While this is still very much a prototype, Razer has likened the inspiration to the base principles of the human eye, and how it observes motion and objects in the real world. For this and many other leading-edge gaming solutions, check them out at their website.

Explore Our Planet with Google Earth's Voyager

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If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent quite a bit of time traversing the globe… on Google Earth. Since its release in 2001, Google Earth has been helping take the edge off for people who suffer from wanderlust, by allowing you to explore the globe from your computer. Google Earth’s update that was released last week makes it even more of a time-sink – there are a lot of really cool new features, and it can now be accessed straight from your browser.

The first awesome new feature is called “Voyager.” This is a section that is all about discovering new parts of the world and learning more about them as you do it. Google Earth has always encouraged exploring, but this new feature goes even further. It offers curated content that takes you around the world in what is essentially themed journeys around the globe that come with rich media like 360 videos, and Street Views including inside buildings and underwater.

The guided tours around the world come from companies that Google partnered with, such as Digital Globe and the BBC. They are providing rich, detailed tours that take you to exotic locales. There are currently around 40 different journeys you can take, but new tours are supposed to be added regularly. Each voyage that you go on takes you to roughly ten locations, swooping around the globe as you go on to the next location.

Two other cool features that come along with Voyager are city guides that take you to different points of interest within a city, and the option to send virtual post cards from these locations. This post card feature is unique to the mobile app. And, once you’ve traveled through all of the guided tours, you can use the new feature called “I’m feeling lucky,” that will digitally transport you to a far-away place on the planet where Google will give you a card that has local trivia on it.

Google Earth has always been a great way to spend some of your leisure time by searching for fascinating locales across the globe, and this is truer than ever with the latest update. The ability to go on guided tours and discover new aspects of locations and cultures has opened up a whole new way of utilizing Google Earth to satisfy your wanderlust. As one Google employee said, “you use Maps to find your way, Earth to get lost.”

Purple.com and Other Fantastic Websites

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If you've ever had your computer's internet connection set up by a DormNet Assistant, you may be familiar with a website called purple.com.  Purple.com is an easy to remember, easy to load, one-page website that is commonly used as a quick test site to ensure a working internet connection.  Its simple design makes it quick to load on even the slowest of computers.  While purple.com may be an in-house favorite here at DormNet, a wide variety of one-page websites exist that can be used in the same way.  Each of the sites in the following list can be used as a purple.com analogue, but each has a unique flavor.  (Some are decidedly more "unique" than others.)  Try them out and see which one is your favorite, and perhaps one site might even become your new home page!


Windows 10 Creators Update

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It's that time of year again -- Microsoft has released a new major update to Windows! Earlier this month the creators update was pushed to the public, with new features focused towards users who rely on Windows to create content.

Night Light
Tired of your laptop blinding you while working on a paper at 1 AM? Microsoft has a solution for you! A new feature called 'Night Light' allows you to change the amount of blue light your screen emits. You can schedule it to turn on whenever you'd like, and adjust the level of the filter. While third party applications that do this have existed for years now, it's a welcome addition.

Windows with Night Light enabled

Enhanced Security and Antivirus
Microsoft has redesigned the Windows Defender interface from the ground up. They now provide a console to control your PCs security, such as it's anti-virus and firewall, in one place.

The new Windows Defender interface

Paint 3D
Paint has always been a staple of Windows, with it been included ever since Windows 1.0. With the creators update, Microsoft has added a new paint app which is much more powerful than what is currently included with Windows 10. This new app, called Paint 3D, allows you to create images with layers, similar to how Photoshop works. While it's not likely for Paint 3D to be replacing Photoshop any time soon, it's good to see that the company is bundling a more powerful application.

Left: Paint 3D (New); Right: Microsoft Paint (Old)

Gaming Mode & Game Streaming
Microsoft has also made a few additions hoping to improve gaming on Windows. Gaming Mode will allow your PC to kill unnecessary background processes to help boost your game's performance. There is also a built-in way to stream your gameplay online.

The new streaming interface

Microsoft released the Creators update on April 11th. You can update any Windows 10 PC by going to your PC's settings, open the Update & security page, and click check for updates.

Source: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/04/11/whats-new-in-the-windows-10-creators-update

Magnetic charger

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Dealing with the everyday struggle to plug in your phone, now there is a better solution! A magnetic charger. There are many out there, but this one is strong and connects easily.

Magnetic chargers are not new, so what makes this one so special? First the magnet is strong and it easily connects, with out a struggle for the prevent alignment. There is an indicator light showing that the cord and plugin are connected and working. However, the light does not indicate full charge. One of the nice things about this is that it is an adaptable system. There are android and iphone adapters that will both work with the cord. I have found similar items for sale online at Walmart and Amazon. 

These are just two examples of similar products. Make sure you check the reviews before you buy and see what they say about the magnetic strength, charging efficiency and speed, and durability.  

PlayStation Now: Sony's Solution to Backwards Compatibility

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     Are you a nostalgic gamer? Do you buy the newest iteration of a gaming system, simply to leave your former system to gather dust in a closet? Do you long for the days of games past, yet you are too lazy to actually set up your old console? Congratulations, you are not alone.

     If you are like me, the previous scenario has happened to you, and you hold at least a modicum of resentment towards companies like Sony for not making their systems backwards compatible. Well, if you were not aware, Sony developed somewhat of a solution to this problem, at least for lovers of the PlayStation 3. In 2014, PlayStation Now was announced, and full access was available in 2015 to all owners of the PS3 and PS4; however, access via the PS3 was discontinued on April 1 of this year. 

     Sony's motivations for enacting such a service, besides making more money, is rather obvious, for we are gradually entering a more digital age each day. Subscribers to the PlayStation Now service can stream more than 480 PS3 titles directly to their PS4 for either a 30-day or 3-month subscription fee. Each month, Sony is releasing more games to satisfy our nostalgia, and they are currently planning to release PS4 games in the streaming service as well. 

     Rumors continue to surface as to whether Sony will one day include PS2 and original PlayStation games in the PS Now library, but I personally hold high hopes for the service. For many gamers, such as myself, those old games hold sentimental value. I believe Sony plans to play on those emotions, and I am actually okay with that. 

     I have not actually subscribed to this service yet (because money); however, Sony offers a 7-day free trial for those who are interested, and I would love to hear that this will be worth it. Perhaps one day, video game companies will completely transition to digital titles. Personally, I will enjoy having the extra space in my video game cabinet. If you are interested in the service or want to see what games they currently have available, check it out here: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/psnow/games/

Happy gaming!