Nintendo's New Hybrid Game System - The Nintendo Switch

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On October 20, Nintendo unveiled their newest console, the Nintendo Switch.  Previously referred to under development as the "NX," this new hybrid console will allow gamers to seamlessly transition between playing games on their television at home and taking their games with them when they head out the door.  Following the same precedent they have set in recent years, Nintendo has put the console's emphasis on innovation and rethinking how players interact with their games instead of simply boxing up better graphics and power into sleeker hardware.

In this video introduction, we see players taking advantage of the console's ease of transformation from a home console to a mobile system; all they have to do is remove the console (which also functions as the mobile screen) from its dock and attach it to the controller and voila, their full library of games is at their fingertips anywhere they want to play.  No system restart is required to switch between home and mobile modes, either - the system naturally switches context when removed from the dock mid-play.

Another interesting feature of the system is the versatile nature of the controller, which is hard to even refer to as a single, concrete object.  At home, two separate pieces slide into a small slab to keep them together as one unit, while on the go, they attach to the console screen, feeling much like a larger version of the classic Nintendo DS or even PlayStation's portable variants.  As an alternative, the console screen can be propped up via built-in kickstand and set on a desk or table while the controllers detach to be held as separate pieces.  This feature is very exciting to many because it solves the problem created by the often uncomfortable trade-off between holding the portable console at a good viewing distance and holding it in a place that is comfortable for your arms.

Perhaps the most understated feature is the ability for two players (or possibly more) to play on the mobile console at once using only the standard controller, each taking one of the two independent pieces since both are equipped with a joystick and four buttons.  In the video, players compete in both split-screen (Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon) and full-screen multiplayer (NBA 2K17), highlighting the intention for the console to fully perform in any combination of single player, multiplayer, mobile, or at-home settings.

The console is slated for March 2017.  No price point has been set, but most expect Nintendo to give the Switch a modest retail value if they continue their modern trend of selling the console at a cheaper price.  They bet on their notably loyal customer base to take advantage of the historically high volume of quality Nintendo titles produced throughout the lifetime of the system, and the Switch already promises many core titles for fans to look forward to.

Dear user... You've got Spam!

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Scam emails come in all different types with one main goal: steal your information. Emails like this one have even gone around campus and compromised the accounts of both students and faculty. These emails have evolved into very intricate plans that are cleverly disguised to hide their intentions. Due to these things, these emails are getting very hard to differentiate between real and fake. So, here are some helpful tips in attempting to catch the scammers in the act!

Are you expecting any emails? If you aren't expecting random emails (which I would assume is often) then be prepared to make a decision on whether or not to open the email or delete it immediately. Always take a second to think before you click!

Always check the sender! This email seems to be from Harding due to the logo. However, if you notice who the email is from,, it is not a Harding email. This should bring up a red flag. Harding email only allows emails from Harding accounts through the system unless the email is approved. However, some emails can slip through the system.

Dear User... is a very generic way to start an email that clearly has a message addressed to a specific user. The dear user is followed by "You have received a new message" indicating that this sender has no idea who this is actually being sent too, yet wants you to click his link. So the sender makes this link obvious and important while making the rest of the email simplistic and unimportant.

If everything looks normal, check again! Before you click any links, always check to see what the link is first! If it doesn't look like a trusted site, don't click the link and delete the email immediately! In this case, the link the sender wanted the user to click had in it. However, it was clearly not a real Harding website. There could even be some obvious spelling errors that could throw up some red flags!

In general, the best way to avoid these emails is thinking before clicking. Even though it may seem tedious, in the end it could save you from losing your information to people who could do some costly things with that information!

For fun, here is a video about a man who replies to these scam emails. He also points out some good tips in noticing these scams. If you would like to see more of his scam reply stories, search Scamalot on YouTube.

What You Can Expect from the World of Modern Headphones

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Have you been recently walking around campus with your headphones thinking, "Man, I wish I had headphones that did a better job of cancelling out ambient noise"? I know I think that all the time. Well, not really, but it is quite impressive how far technology has advanced in today's market of headphones. Typically, we rely on the headphones that come with our iPhone, or we get the cheap ones that will last us a few months, simply to tide over our innate desire to enter our world of music and drown out the cares and stresses of the world. Well, in this article I hope to give you a few more options that you might consider pursuing to better your listening experience. All of the following examples can be found on with more in-depth reviews of the devices as well as even more headphone options.

High-End Technology on a Tighter Budget

If you're looking for more advanced headphones without having to sell your right arm, check out the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2. These wireless headphones provide multiple options when it comes to jamming out to the new Bruno Mars album in different listening environments. Walking across campus among crowds of students? With a push of a button, the headphones can either muffle ambient noise or allow you to listen to your friends' conversations. Your choice.
Also, the Backbeat Pro sports a 24-hour battery life, multiple control buttons, including volume control, and the headphones can double as a headset when answering calls. It even includes a sidetone feature that allows you to hear your own voice when speaking on the phone. 

The Backbeat Pro is currently on the market for $200, which is definitely a stretch for the typical college student, but if you are looking for reliable headphones to last you longer than two months, the Backbeat Pro 2 is worth checking out.

Affordable Bluetooth Headphones

I would assume a significant amount of people prefer earbud headphones over full headset headphones. If you fall in that category, may I suggest neckband-style Bluetooth headphones? Also from Plantronics, the Backbeat 100 serves as a set of reliable, sleek headphones useful for both listening to music and making calls. The earbuds magnetically adhere to each other to avoid loose cords flopping around when they aren't in your ears. 

The Backbeat 100 will be released this month (October), but there is currently no price for U.S. release. The equivalent to the UK price is around $95.

Other Headphone Options

Obviously, when it comes to technology, you get what you pay for, and headphones are no exception. It is possible to spend upwards of $900 for top-of-the-line custom-made headphones, and it's possible to spend $5 for earbuds from a gas station. I personally enjoy my Vtin Dew series Bluetooth earbuds, mainly because they are waterproof and because of the customizable feature for those (like me) with weirdly shaped ears that make it difficult to listen to music while running. I spent less than $30 on Amazon, and it was money well-spent. In the end, it will depend on your budget and how important it is for you to have quality headphones. There are a multitude of options, and I encourage you to research for yourself. Good luck!

Say Your Final Farewells to the Samsung® Galaxy Note 7

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If you've been paying attention to the world of cell phones, chances are you know of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In addition, if you've been paying just a teency-tiny bit more attention to cell phone news, you probably know that the Note 7 is notorious for bursting into flames without warning. Samsung initially received 96 reports of this happening and decided to issue a product recall on the phone to fix the issue. Since the replacement Note 7 phones were sent out, 23 more reports of the phone bursting into flames have been confirmed. On October 10th, Samsung (and their customers) had had enough. Samsung made the final decision to cancel production of the Galaxy Note 7 once and for all.
Looking at the picture, one can totally see why they'd stop making these. Imagine enjoying a nice, peaceful day overlooking your land that you worked so hard to plow, and then bam, your leg is on fire. Even worse, imagine the same thing happening while on a plane with 150 other people on it. Well yeah, that happened. Luckily, the plane hadn't taken off so everyone could be safely evacuated. Needless to say, the United States banned all Galaxy Note 7's on all flights, a decision which may have been the final nail in the coffin for the phablet. 

Interestingly enough, not even recalling all the phones and issuing replacements seemed to fix the problem. So Samsung effectively sold a ton of phones, replaced them all for free, and then took all the phones back and gave the customers their money back. As you can imagine, this caused an expensive nightmare for the electronics giant. Making millions of expensive phones for no revenue whatsoever, tends to lead to a lot of financial losses for a company like Samsung. Investors apparently knew that as well, so Samsung's stock dropped a staggering 8% in the wake of all the bad news. Effectively, that means $19 Billion (thats Billion with a capital B) of value was lost by Samsung.
If you happen to be one of the ones with a Note 7 and want to keep your legs nice and uncooked, start looking for a replacement. If you're fine with running the risk of getting crispy legs, then go ahead and keep it. It has great specs and will probably serve you very well until the self destruct sequence is activated. 

Yes! Cortana can be useful!

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So you've upgraded to Windows 10 and noticed that indeed Cortana has expanded her vast empire by being implemented into this upgraded version.

For some, I'm sure the thought "I never used Cortana before, why would I use Cortana now?" I cannot guarantee that anything in the following list will entice you in any way, but here are some of the things Cortana can do in Windows 10.

1) Perform simple calculations!
No desire to plug anything into your calculator, or just want to yell some simple math out to the universe and have the universe respond to you? If you precede your calculational (not a word) cry with "Hey Cortana", the universe will respond! Cortana can perform simple calculations within her search box.

2) Convert currency (among other things)

Running out the door on your way to your international flight to Luxembourg and realize you haven't gotten any of your money converted to the Euro? Want to know how much the exchange at the airport is going to take advantage of your error in judgement? Yell out "Hey Cortana" and the dollar amount you want to convert to euros, and Cortana will give you a good base level to run off of! She can also do simple temperature conversions (though don't be looking for any conversion to Kelvin) as well as weight, volume, etc.

3)Launch a program
On your way out the door to grab some savory snacks, but realized you wanted to start that hefty program that takes forever to load before embarking on your eating endeavor? And upon your return you realize theres a website you wanted to browse prior to using the program you just opened, and you need the page opened asap? If you say "open [program name]" or "open [website name.what have you]" you can do just that!

4)Track packages
Did you order a pizza two days ago and only now realize it hasn't been delivered yet? Unfortunately, Cortana can't track where that pizza has gone, but if you link your email in the mail app, Cortana can track your other packages for you.

5)Control your music
If you use the Groove music app, Cortana can make navigating your music files almost effortless. Getting ready for an all-you-can-eat hotdog contest and just recently loaded a "Best Of Weird Al" album onto your computer? Shout "Play Eat It" to get your mind right. You can also say album names, artist names, as well as skip tracks or go back a track, pause and resume tracks. If you use a different app it can still skip, pause and resume tracks, but no guarantees on the other features.

I promise Cortana can be useful, just give her a chance! See this link about 15 things Cortana can do in Windows 10 for 10 other helpful things Cortana can do for you!

Removing a WiFi Network on Windows 8

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Sometimes People find the need to remove WiFi networks from their computer, such as HUWA-GUEST/HU-GUEST once you've hooked up to HUWA-SEC/HU-SEC. To do this is a slightly convoluted method, but we're here to guide you through it.

To start open your start menu

Type "settings" (you don't need to click anywhere, it will start searching as soon as you type)

Click on "Network"

Click on "Manage Known Networks"

Find the network that you wish to forget and click "Forget"

Now you won't have to deal with your computer automatically connecting to a network you don't want, or are free to setup that network again from scratch.

For all your tech needs as students feel free to call DormNet at (501) 279-4545, check our blog for guides, or visit us in the Administration Building Room 205!

Tired of Windows? Tired of Mac? Go wild , go Ubuntu!

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We all have heard of the most famous Operating Systems, the old Windows and the always changing Mac X. Although these are very good Operating Systems they are not the only options you have. Hidden out of the news and the glamour of social news lays all the Linux family, a complete suite of different flavors.

But wait, what is this Linux?

Well, on September 17, of 1991 a man called Linus Torvalds from Swedish started a personal project at the university of Helsinki. There, he wanted to create his own Operating System, he knew it was not going to be a successful project but he wanted to expend time on  hobbies, this is what he chose. When he had something almost finished he decided, proud of his job to share it with the world. When he presented his code he tell all the forums where he put it that if they wanted they could take his code and try to finished it or do whatever they want with it. Many programmers from around the world wanted to complete his code, they were interested on this idea of a new Operating System. So Linus Torvalds decided to coordinate his personal project into the first Open Source project on the history of computing.

When the project was finished and with the help of other projects such as the GNU project, people fro m around the world that wanted to had the core elements to create their own Operating Systems, many people did this is what we now called GNU/Linux Distributions.

Where do I start?

There are a lot of distributions, many more come every year, and you can have all of them if you want, you can install them in your computer whenever you want without paying any money. This sounds very exiting and dangerous at the same time right? Well it is intimidating to go and put some one you don not know code into your own computer, that is why companies have steeped out  and coordinate they own team to create a Linux distributions, with the backup of a company and the approval of many developers and with a history of more than 10 years of doing this, Canonical ad their product Ubuntu is by far the most famous  of the Linux distributions.

It has all a computer needs, and it is very fast on modern computers, in fact many servers around the world use it because of how stable it can be.

The start menu is very attractive, feels very modern, but with the same idea of user friendliness of windows 10 and Mac OS X.

The best part by far, is that since is Open Source, you do not have to pay anything for the product nor you have to keep it as it is, you are free to modify it however you want, you can even changing to every time you want to change between applications your desktop turns into a cube so you move it to see all your apps open.

You can, if you are brave enough, go online and download a free copy of this OS right now at If you are a person who enjoys computers this will be an experience you will never regret. You can try it on a virtual machine using Virtual Box for example.