Augmented Reality = Groovy

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By now, most people have heard of and used augmented reality tech. If you don't know what I'm talking about, imagine looking through a pair of glasses at the world and when the glasses are powered on, they can project information onto the image of the real world shown. A really basic example of this is the well known app Pokemon Go™!

As you can see from the image, a man with a hand is holding a phone and is currently struggling to catch a rocky rope called onyx™. In all seriousness, you see a normal view of reality through the camera, but there is also a graphical user interface available and some fun activities to take part in.

Don't get me wrong here, Pok√©mon Go™ is pretty awesome, but augmented reality tech in development has the potential to do some groovy stuff. Personally, my favorite example of AR (Augmented Reality) tech currently under development are the RideOn™ ski goggles. They combine skiing and augmented reality in an amazing way and have some really neat and especially groovy features. 

If you want to, watch that video. It doesn't really explain much, but it does showcase some of the awesome features that are planned for this sweet new gadget. If you're not the video watching type, then have no fear, I'll delve into some of the awesome planned features anyways.

One of the features included with the goggles is the "interact" feature. If anyone near you is friends with you on the RideOn™ app, then you can see them clearly marked through the goggles. You can even look at them at send a preset list of basic messages that you tend to say a lot while skiing like, "follow me," "Where too next?" and "Lets meet back at the lodge!" You can send all of these messages hands free simply by looking at the message of choice for a couple seconds. You can also call other users hands free through the same method.

Another groovy feature is the "navigation" feature. When skiing, it can be pretty easy to miss a turn and end up on a super spooky and scary double black diamond. If this happens, you pretty much have two options: 1. Puff up your chest, realize the inner potential for skiing that you have deep within, and ski down like a pro, or 2. Instantly realize that you are one of the least powerful beings in this realm and slide down the slope on your gluteus maximus in order to avoid gaining speed and going down the slope at about mach 7 and inevitably wiping out super hard at the lodge while a crowd of onlookers laughs, mocks, scoffs, goofs, and spooks at your misfortune. Personally, I usually stick with option 2. All of these terrible things can be avoided by using the goggles' navigation feature. The goggles keep track of where you are on the slopes based on resort maps, and actively show which way you need to go to stay on track. It's pretty neat.

You may be wondering why there is an image showing Facebook's™ new "Live" feature. I simply put that logo there so I would have a better segue into the next feature of the RideOn™ goggles, the "Engage" feature. You may have noticed that the goggles actually have a camera built in to the side of them. This camera gives you the ability to record in HD for up to 3 hours at a time (based on storage[16GB], not battery life) and also gives you the ability to instantly stream video right to Facebook. This feature is one my personal favorites, because you no longer have to wait a few days to show your friends how hard you can shred the slopes. Now you can show your shredding abilities right away. 

The last feature listed on the website is the "Play" feature. We aren't told much about this feature, but the video does show some virtual gates being placed on the run in order to add a bit more fun and challenge to skiing. As if skiing wasn't already fun enough, now we can crank the fun up a few notches with augmented reality. Wow, I feel like I'm living in a dream world. 

Obviously, these aren't your run of the mill goggles. They definitely aren't priced like run of the mill goggles either ($1179.00, €1105.69, ¥8118.48). So if you really wanna shred the slopes in augmented style, be prepared to drop some serious change on some serious goggles. Otherwise, keep shredding the slopes with goggles on that don't augment the reality around you. They haven't been officially released yet, either, so it's hard to tell how great they will be. They come out on December 20th just in time for Christmas. Even if they fail, I am genuinely impressed with the innovation and creativity demonstrated and would love to get to use something like them in my lifetime.

Dude, you can check your DCB online?

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I've heard a lot on campus about how it is such a burden to tell the cashier at your favorite local Harding eating establishment or mart that you need a receipt printed to check and see how much DCB you have left. Don't you wish there were an app or some cool technology that you can use from your phone to check your dining plan information?  Well fear no more millennial! You can check your remaining DCB balance and your plethora of remaining caf swipes all on the harding dining service's (responsive) website! With a few simple and intuitive steps, you can be one step closer to seeing if you can afford a beefy five layer burrito.

1. Go to
2. Next, navigate to the top of the page to login. You can click any of the links and it will send you to the same page

3. If you've never created an account with Harding Dining Services (chances are, you haven't), then you'll want to select "Create Account"

4. After you click "Create Account", you will then fill out your information accurately. You do not have to use your Harding Email if you don't want to, and your password can be anything that you can remember.

5. After you have successfully created and account with Harding Dining Servies, you can now go and link your 'OneCard' or your student ID to the account so you can see all of the before promised information. Go ahead and click on the 'Link OneCard' link

6. When you click on the link, it will direct you to the following screen. All you have to input is your LAST NAME and ALL OF THE NUMBERS IN YOUR H# SANS 'H'.
7. After you have successfully done this you can now check your DCB balance, your remaining caf swipes, and if you added on DCB, how much of that is left. You can also click the link to see your transaction history

The transaction history looks like:

There you have it! All of your Dining information in one place! Hopefully these step-by-step instructions have helped you in all of your Harding Dining adventures. Happy eating!

Quick, Draw!

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Quick, Draw! is Google's new experiment in testing the powers of artificial intelligence. It has blown up over the internet over the past few days and has many people talking. Currently, it has been number 1 on the front page of Reddit and has many users drawing many different objects.

Quick, Draw! is similar to the game Draw Something, except instead of playing with others, the AI that Google created attempts to guess what you are drawing. You are given a simple word, like sink or piano, and you have 20 seconds to quickly draw that item while the AI speaks trying to guess what it is. These words can even range to The Great Wall of China to Speed Boat to simple things like Potato to Smiley Face.

It begins by realizing that the user is drawing lines and then begins to try and match up previously drawn objects by other users. It will begin to spout out random guesses until it guesses the right drawing. Sometimes the AI can guess in 10 seconds! It does have some trouble every once in a while due to the wide variety of ways that different objects can be drawn by different users.

Once you have completed 6 objects, it breaks down each object and you can see how it matched up the different drawings. It will even show you some of drawings that other users have created using the same word.

It really shows how far technology is coming. This is just one step further along in our AI capabilities to recognizing specific things. This program can differentiate between hundreds and thousands of entries to get one specific answer in just a matter of 20 seconds or less! Even though it cannot recognize the drawing from time to time, it is still quite a feat Google has been able to accomplish.

You can try this game out for yourself here.

Google has also updated a website to include other AI experiments similar to this one here.

The tool that you need to start using.

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As college students we have a limited amount of time. There is too much going on all the time, so we need tools to help us get to where we want to be faster. I present to you a very useful tool you can install on your web browser (Chrome, Firefox.) that will make you feel better next time you use your computer. You might have them already because you are a cool guy that is on top of the game, but if you do not, this is the opportunity you were waiting for!


You have probably heard of Ad-block, this is a similar service as Ad-block. They both block incoming advertisement that annoys your browsing experience. Ad-block was a really good tool for many years, but not anymore. Since they introduced Ad-block plus they are adding advertisements into a white list and companies pay to Ad-block so they allow that specific add to enter the white list. Then, even though you have the extension installed on your browser you will still be able to see their ads. Now, Ublock is the best alternative right now. It uses less resources on memory, it updates its database of advertisements super fast because it is community driven, and it allows you to specify which adds you want to not see anymore if you find any not been blocked already. You can even block certain parts of a web page if you like. There is still a lot of debate whether or not Ublock is better than Add-block. But more and more the path is shrinking in Ublock's favor.

The best part about Ublock, if you are a developer, is that since it is community driven, you can see its source code:
This will tell you if they intentionally white-list companies like Add-block or not.

If you have never heard of software like this before you might be wondering if it is legal or not. That is a great concern, but let me tell you that you have nothing to worry about. Ublock works like this: When your browser sends a request, the server you want to access will give you a response, usually with the HTML code that is the page. After receiving the code then Ublock analyze it and decides what part of that code is adds and deletes them. Your browser will show only the information you want to see without the annoying adds. Saying this is illegal is like saying that it is illegal for your antivirus to check if you are getting a virus from the internet and delete it. If you are still concern about the usage of this tool, please take a look at this article that describes a law suite that ended up in Add-block favor concerning blocking adds as legal issue :

How to install

Just go to the store of your browser and search for: "Ublock" add the extension and you are adds free!

If you are still not sure if you want to install this tool or not, maybe this will get your interest:
This blocks adds from YouTube videos and Spotify Web! What are you waiting for? Make use of this tool ASAP.

Feel Like You're Flying!

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Ever wonder what it was like to see the world from a bird's-eye view? Well, now a company named Parrot has made that possible with their Bebop 2 FPV drone! You can see exactly what the camera on the drone is seeing at all times using their FPV goggles, allowing you to experience flying like never before. With its ability to go great distances, high-quality camera, and smooth controls, you'll have tons of fun with the drone and see things in an exciting new way!

Immersive Flights
By downloading an app onto your smartphone, you can then use it with the Bepop's FPV goggles and get a totally immersive experience. You simply connect your phone to the goggles, and the app lets you view the world through the drone's high definition camera. It offers a 90-degree view, so it feels just like you're sitting in the cockpit of the drone.


The drone has a secure WiFi connection that allows you to travel distances up to 1.24 miles. It goes so far away that you'd hardly even be able to see it in the distance. It has a battery life of 25 minutes, which is a great amount of time for drones. And when its battery is almost dead, it will automatically return to you using its built-in GPS. 

With its 1080P HD camera and built in software for stabilization, you'll be able to capture the amazing moments that you encounter while flying around. The Bepop's controller has two joysticks, making it easy to execute precise movements while in the sky. If you're interested in learning more about this fantastic drone you can go to its website by clicking here, or go buy it at Amazon's store here.

Bring Your Pictures to Life with Paint 3D

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Remember Using Paint Like This?


A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled its new Windows 10 application, Paint 3D. The world of design is evolving. No one is using two dimensional models anymore. Everything is becoming three dimensional both digitally and physically. Not only is this world creating new buildings, cars, and objects digitally, we are also actually printing these models with 3D printers. Microsoft thought it would be a wonderful idea to take Paint to the next level. Why not get the youth involved in 3D design earlier?

Let's not get carried away. This program is extremely inferior to AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Rhino3D. Paint 3D is meant to be an entry-level product. The main purpose of this applications to familiarize consumers, specifically the youth, with these types of tools. Everyone will have the opportunity to make their ideas a reality. Microsoft is allowing us to create cartoons for fun, but also stunning visuals for professional presentations. This simple product could lead us down some very exciting paths. With virtual reality booming right now, Microsoft has plans to take applications like this and make it available to the virtual reality world. Talk about bringing your creations to life.

Still not feeling that attracted to it? Well, that's okay. Not everyone will adopt this new tool. Let's be honest, Paint has always been used for fun. Paint was never a business tool. It probably will never be a business tool, that's why people make professional software. However, I truly believe this can inspire the next generation of designers. I honestly believe that you will see young people crafting some of the most beautiful and unique things we have ever seen on a home computer. We will start to see the design software flying off the digital shelves.

Microsoft has not quite released this to everyone yet. But if you want to give it a try you can join the preview today! To explore this new application, get the Windows 10 Creators Update. Go to and follow the instructions there.

Watch this sweet vid!

For the Kid in Us All!

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Ah robots. The childhood love and the screenwriter's best friend. And what good is having a robot if you can't fight with it? The teams on ABC's BattleBots took this idea and ran with it years ago, and it has come back to fame within the last few years. Luckily, now the public at large can join the fun, thanks to the good folks over at HexBug.

There are three types: Push Strike, Clutch and Clash, and I/R BattleBots. Push Strike BattleBots are bots that the user pushes to activate the weaponry of the bot, and are designed for on-the-go battles. Clutch and Clash BattleBots utilize a handle and trigger mechanism to activate weapons, and are great for tabletop battles. The I/R BattleBots are for use in the arena, which is a replicate of the arena for the full-size Bots - complete with a few traps. These microbots are patterned after the two championship bots from the last season - Witch Doctor and Tombstone.
While still early in the market (availability began on September 12, 2016), these little warriors are ideal for the collegiate competitors. For example, a BattleBots tournament could compliment another dorm room tournament, say, Smash Bros Melee on this campus...
If you are interested or have a family member who would be this holiday season, check them out over at or check for them on Amazon.