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The Harding App

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Have you downloaded Harding University's app yet? The Harding app is a great way to check on your pipeline account, chapel information, class schedule, and more! Here are just a few of my favorite features:

Chapel Excuses

Ever woke up in the morning and just didn't want to do anything? Yes you have, don't lie. Sometimes when that happens, you have to force yourself out of bed, or else you will be late to chapel. But wait--you might have a chapel excuse to use! But who wants to get on Pipeline on their mobile browser? Not I. This is where the Harding App comes into play. Simply open up the app and click on the "Chapel" button right in the middle of the app, then click on "Chapel Excuses" and you'll be taken to a page that shows all your absent and tardy dates and how many you've got left. You can even switch an allowed absence to a student excuse right in the app!

Class Schedule

Ok, so this one isn't too big of a deal during the middle and end of the semester, but it is quite useful in the beginning. If you click the "hamburger" menu in the top right corner of the app (the button with the 3 horizontal bars) you can scroll down the list of options to "My Class Schedule." That'll open up your schedule so you can see what room your class is in, what time it starts, and who your teacher is. It even gives the course number in case you need it. Pretty nifty stuff.

DCB Summary

Last, but not least, another one of my favorite functionalities is the ability to quickly check your DCB balance. Once the app is open, click the "Dining" button on the left and it will open up your phone's browser to Harding's Campusdish website. From there, just sign into your account and check your balance!


So, if you tried out the app, you've probably realized that it's not the best thing in the world, but it does centralize much of what Harding students use into one convenient place. If there are functionalities you would like implemented, or any bugs you find, or would just simply like to post a review, head on over to the Apple App store or the Google Play store and leave a review!

A Little Goes a Long Way

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Even though we are about halfway through the spring semester already, it is never too early to work on productivity. Some things are obvious, but we can all use a reminder every now and then. Speaking of...

If you find yourself forgetting when assignments are due or when you need to go to events, it may be time to purchase a fairly-sized calendar. On like that pictured above costs about $5, and is very helpful to actually write down what needs to be done, instead of just typing it in (though it's not counterproductive to have a digital calendar either). If you don't have desk space (or just don't want to chance spilling coffee on it, you could hang it from a wall or door with Command hooks.

Now, there is a right and wrong way to remove Command hooks. If done correctly, you can reuse the hooks time and again. However, it is lesser known that Command makes refill packs akin to this:
What does this mean, practically? Well, you only have to buy a package of actual hooks once. Bonus? This means you can mount your calendar even if you change your room layout weekly.

These are merely some quick tips for staying prepared. If you'd like more tips, tricks, and tech, keep reading!

It Translates and Reads Text to Speech, the ScanMarker!

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If you are like me, no matter what those midterms grades were, you are still trying to find a way to improve your studying habits, and maybe even find some tools to help you along the way.

I often write and type notes for hours on end until my hand starts cramping. Since I have the beginnings of carpel tunnel, I wanted to find a way to minimize the work load I was putting on my finger flexors. I also noticed many of my friends who spoke English as their second language were copying their notes into their first language to study. I also have two friends with dyslexia, who ask me to read their homework out loud, and use quizlet's audio function to study their note cards.

I wanted to find a way we could minimize the work we had to do, and maybe save some time while we were at it. 

While I was searching, I found the ScanMarker and ScanMarker Air. As I was researching it, I realized that many on campus could benefit from using this tool, and might not know of it's existence. 

These markers allow you quickly and efficiently to scan text, and transfer what you scanned into a file you can edit, without making a mark.

These markers are compatible with Windows and Macintosh devices. The ScanMarker Air is even compatible with Android and Apple phones and tablets. The ScanMarker connects to your computer using a USB. The ScanMarker Air can connect using bluetooth and charges via USB connection. The ScanMarker retails for about $79.00 USD and the ScanMarker Air costs about $99.00 USD.  

 The ScanMarker works by moving over text and transferring the information into any compatible application on your computer or mobile (mobile is only available with "Air" version) using a USB or Bluetooth connection. 
Some of the applications mentioned on their website include Word, Excell, and more.
The ScanMarker can also translate the text that it scans into over 40 different languages, which is potentially helpful to foreign exchange students or for any students studying a different language.
The markers can also read the text it scans out loud to the user. This can be a helpful learning tool to students who are auditory learners, and for anyone who struggles with dyslexia.

The scan marker website even has its own blog with information on how to use their product to improve your study live and other tips on how to study.
This pen is only one of many smart pens that can help you study more effectively. For more products like this that can be bought on amazon check out this video by En on. This video includes pens that can record lectures as you write, and reusable notebooks that erase when microwaved!

You may even be able to find some of the products mentioned, or something similar in the Harding bookstore technology section.

Let Samsung Be Your Next Interior Designer

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Have you ever looked at your TV hanging on the wall at home and thought, "Wow, that is ugly." (I know I am constantly thinking about the beauty of my TV.). Well, apparently Samsung has, because they have recently released a TV that they intend to use as a solution to that problem. The technology is wrapped up in a QLED TV from their most recently released line. It can literally blend in with the wall that it's on. 
Photo used from CNN.

Yes, that's an actual TV. No gimmicks (although I'm sure there's some post-shot editing involved), just a TV pretending to be the wall. It's in "ambient mode", a setting which kicks in when it's not being used to stream your favorite show. A simplified version of how it works: the owner of said TV takes a picture of it mounted on the wall using the Samsung SmartThings app. It will then take the color of the surroundings and match the background of the TV to the color of the wall. It seems like something straight out of the future to me. It's super slim chord helps keep the footprint of the TV small, to better immerse you in it's disguising ability. 
This isn't the only TV that Samsung has created with interior design in mind. Can you guess which one is the TV in the picture below? 
Photo from CNN:

Did you guess the big one in the middle? If so, you would be right. Samsung calls this one, "The Frame". (Get it? Because it looks like a picture frame?)  This one was created with the same intent in mind, to blend in with it's surroundings, only this time Samsung assumes you'll be putting your TV on your photo wall. The frame is interchangeable, so not matter what style you are going for with your room, the overall design can stay the same (at an extra $250 for each frame). It comes with pre-loaded art that can be programmed to display when you aren't watching TV, or you can always upload your own lovely art to display. 
Of course, if you would like one of the stealthy displays, you'll be dropping enough cash to go out and get a nice piece of art anyway (the Frame runs about $2,000 base price). But if you can take the hit, you'll have quite the piece to tie the living room decor together. 

The Samsung Galaxy S9

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Monday marked the beginning of the Mobile World Congress 2018, where many companies will show off consumer devices releasing later this year. On the first day of the event, Samsung announced their newest flagship phone - the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S9 closely follows the design of its predecessor, with a thin bezel all around and a screen with curved edges. The biggest external change is the placement of its fingerprint sensor, which now sits directly below the camera, rather than to the right of it as it did on the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S9 retains the features of the Galaxy S8. It is still water resistant, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack, and is water resistant.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+
There have also been some small additions and improvements to the phone. It is the first phone to have a dual-aperture lens, which allows its camera to limit the amount of light entering the sensor to prevent photos from being washed out. It has a Qualcomm 845 Snapdragon SoC, or Samsung's latest Exynos SoC for models outside of North America. It will come with Android 8.0 Oreo and Samsung Experience 9.0.

3.5mm headphone jack, USB Type C port, mic, speaker
The Galaxy S9 launch colors; purple, black, and blue

The Galaxy S9 represents a small upgrade over the Galaxy S8, although it certainly represents progress in Samsung's Galaxy line of phones. Pre-orders begin on March 2nd, with the phone launching on March 16th.

SpaceX in 2018

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SpaceX, a private space exploration agency founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, launched one of there newer rockets, the Falcon Heavy into space earlier this month. SpaceX launched rockets 18 times in 2017 but there was something special about this one. The Falcon Heavy was carrying a Tesla Roadster into space to try to place it into the orbit of Mars using the Sun. This failed as the rocket seems to have overshot the trajectory but nonetheless taking a car into space is an impressive feat. After this large success what is next for the space giant?

Musk announced in 2017 the architecture of the companies newest rocket, the Big Falcon Rocket. This rocket will attempt to fulfill Musk's dream of space tourism and establishing sustainable colonies on planets as the power behind it will be substantial enough to carry a space shuttle to the Moon and Mars. Along with this goal SpaceX will be taking two private individuals on a tour around the Moon for the first part of Lunar Tourism. This is a big step for SpaceX and for Musk's vision of a future where humans settle other planets. Maybe one day we will join that car and see Mars.