Help! I Can't Connect to Any Harding Websites!

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One common issue that we see at DormNet is the inability to connect to any Harding websites, even though the computer is able to connect to other sites without a problem. Usually, the source of the issue is the computer has a manually-entered DNS server address, and simply selecting the option to "Obtain DNS server address automatically" should solve the problem.

Windows 7/8
Here are the steps to fix the problem on Windows:

Open the Network and Sharing Center and click on Change Adapter Settings.

Right-click on the adapter you will be using. For example, if you connect through wireless then select the Wireless Adapter, and if you are connecting through a wired connection then select the Ethernet adapter.

Select Properties.

On the Local Area Connection Properties, select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option. Then, click on Properties.

After the Properties window pops up, look at the DNS server options. If your computer is set to use a Preferred DNS, then you want to click Obtain DNS server address automatically.

Then, click OK and you are good to go!

Having a preferred DNS server connection isn't normally a bad thing. The DNS server used in this example ( is Google's Public DNS which was started to help make the Web faster and more secure. However, it can cause issues connecting to Harding websites while on campus. 

If your computer cannot connect to Harding websites and your computer is already checked to Obtain the DNS server address automatically, then feel free to drop by our DormNet Help Desk any time from 11am - 10pm Monday through Thursday, or 11am - 5pm on Friday! We are located on the 2nd floor of the Admin building in room 205.

Internet Slowdown Day

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On Wednesday, September 10th many companies such as Netflix, Twitter, Etsy, Mozilla, and Reddit, among others gave users a glimpse of what the internet could look like in the near future: slow. While their sites were not actually any slower, they displayed the infamous loading wheel for the entire duration of the day in response to the rules proposed by the  Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This rule would allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, and AT&T the ability to create 'fast lanes' for paying companies to have internet priorities over others who don't pay the fee. This would get rid of any semblance of Net Neutrality - the principal that all Web content is treated equally by ISPs. And so for the whole day, many web based companies will be showing the loading pinwheel in protest.

What could this mean for us? Major existing companies would most likely be paying for faster access for users on their site. The most logical result from this is that services such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime (among many others) will increase their costs to compensate for the fees they are paying to ISPs for this faster lane on the web. It also means that while existing companies could foot the bill, smaller independent or start-up companies would have difficulty getting into the market. Studies have shown that an increase in loading times by as much as 100 milliseconds can have a large impact on how long users will stay on a site whether they will return. Companies like Facebook were able to grow quickly without many start-up costs, and having to pay to have privileged web use could seriously hinder a new companies ability to thrive on the web.

Google X - Baseline Study

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Google has set off on what may be the craziest scientific exploration yet... a quest inside the human body.

The project, called the Baseline study, plans to collect the genetic and molecular information to create what could be the fullest picture of an ideal, healthy human body.

The idea behind this study is to start thinking more proactively about disease control. Currently, our views of medicine are, for the most part, reactive. The normal process begins with symptoms, diagnosis, then treatment. The Baseline project is taking a different approach.

In the study, they place small microchips inside the human body to gather detailed genetic information from the various body systems. Google will then use its large computing power to locate patterns, also known as "biomarkers" found in the data. The objective is that these markers will be used by medical researchers to detect  the cause of disease before it actually becomes a problem.

For example, the study may reveal a biomarker that helps people efficiently break down fatty foods, helping them live a life free of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Through Baseline, those who lack this biomarker will be able to be notified before heart disease and cholesterol issues become a problem. With this information, then can modify their behavior and prevent or delay symptoms.

While the Baseline project is impressive, it inevitably raises many privacy and fairness concerns. The primary concern is what would happen if insurance companies were to get their hands on the data collected. This type of detailed genetic information would be invaluable to insurers, who are always looking for ways to reduce their risk and save money. Their use of predictive data to take away the "unknown risk" could be detrimental to patients.

Google has declared that it won't have free reign over the data that it collects. Their are already rules and regulations, HIPAA for example, to protect patients and their right to personal medical information.

Despite the risks, Google X's focus on long-term, risky initiatives could have a huge impact on the human population.

Galaxy Note Edge!

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In the upcoming months before the new year Samsung is going to be releasing two new Phablets to the scene. Apple has been rumored to enter the Phablet game since the beginning of the year which seems to have spurred Samsung on to new a greater heights! They completely improved the Galaxy Note series with a bigger screen, better resolution, increased battery life, improved S Pen, and a whole 3GB of RAM! However, these changes aren't the reason Samsung has gone above and beyond with their Phablets. The real reason is the Galaxy Note Edge, "the worlds first smartphone with a curved edge!"

The curved edge is a new innovative way to reach your apps. Its placement is perfect for easy access with your thumb or fingers. You even have the option of only turning the edge on while the rest of the screen is off. This allows for extreme battery saving when it comes to apps that only need that small space like a stop watch, music player, or even a ruler. Not to mention that many companies are already working on making their apps compatible with the edge; we can expect to see the functionality with the Edge increase. This video is a great introduction to the edge and all of its advantages.

Aside from the curved screen I think the function that i'm most excited about as a college student is Photo Note. It allows you to take pictures of your notes and fully edit them including: turning handwritten text into digital font, moving things around as well as erasing and adding notes using the easy to use S Pen. In this video you get to see a glimpse of how you can use this app.

It's Your Destiny

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Bungie's New Child is Destiny

Maybe you've heard of Halo. If not, maybe you've been under a rock for the past decade. Halo is the award winning franchise spawned by the creative studio known as Bungie. With a name likened to the punchline of a bad joke, Bungie has graced the gaming world with sci-fi epics filled with gritty space soldiers and evil aliens. They do so once again with their new game, Destiny.

Play Destiny to...Discover your Destiny

700 years from now, humans were visited by The Traveler, a celestial sphere that brought about the Golden Age of humanity. However, a cataclysmic event struck us down, and our colonies across the stars have been chased back the last safe city on Earth, where the Traveller looms above. Something bigger is coming, and the Traveler can't protect us forever. The City needs some new Guardians.

Space Tiger Not Included

Moving away from the faceless, alien punching protagonist of Halo, Destiny puts you in the boots of a Guardian of the City. This Guardian is your Guardian. You can customize him or her to your liking, picking between three races and three classes.

Guardian Variety

Destiny really allows you to be who you want to be, as long as that is a human, cyborg or space elf. Destiny's three races shown above in order from left to right are the Exo (inspirations from The Terminator series), Humans (inspiration from actual humans), and the Awoken (inspiration from elves...but in space). As long as you don't want to be a space unicorn jockey who chugs Red Bull and can dunk on Lebron James in zero gravity, then Destiny has you covered.

You're a Space Wizard, Harry!

For deeper customization, Destiny allows you to pick a class for you Guardian. The choices are the Hunter, the Titan, or the Warlock. Each class has its own perks and abilities tailored to your play style. Hunters roam the wastelands of Earth, searching for the perfect shot. Titans helped build the protective Wall around the City, and now they pledge to defend it. Warlocks are warrior-scholars, searching for knowledge and who to beat it out of.


What are sci-fi epics without space travel? Destiny has plenty of locations to explore beyond Earth, including the Moon (Guardiansssss innnnn spaaaaaaaccceee). Although you can't actually pilot them, they are cool to look at though. You can also customize them too! Are you sensing a pattern here yet?

Fall Out Baddies

Your objective is stomp on these guys above. From left to right you have the Fallen, the Hive, the Vex, and the Cabal. The Fallen are basically space pirates that want planets for pirate reasons. The Hive are a parasite that infected our Moon and plan to destroy the Earth. The Vex are time-traveling killing machines from the future. And lastly, the Cabal are turtle-titans that are expanding their empire by conquering our solar system. These are all threats to our way to live, which is being alive. Push them back Guardians.

Destiny is available for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Fight to take back what was stolen from us, Guardians. And also, make sure to break a few  bones (as well as dance moves) along your way.

Apple Apple Apple

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Two new iPhones, an Apple Watch smartwatch, and Apple Pay have all been announced today. But what are all these things and are they something for you?

apple iphone 6

The two new iPhones are the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, both of which will be available to buy on September 19th. The iPhone 6 has an increased screen size of 4.7 inches and an increased battery life of 11 hours of video watching. The iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen and 14 hours of increased battery life of video watching. Both include a new processor that is 25% faster than the 5S. They will have a 8 megapixel camera with a new camera that focuses faster than earlier models. New software includes Apple's new HealthKit that monitors health information like heart rate, sleep, weight, and blood pressure. The 16 GB iPhone 6 will be $199, the 64 GB will be $299, the 128 GB will be $399, and the iPhone6 Plus will start at $299.


Another new Apple gadget is the Apple Watch smartwatch. It comes in three versions and two sizes. To use the smartwatch you need an iPhone. It will display notifications and comes with several new apps. These include opening your hotel room door with your watch or sending finger strokes to a friend. It will not be available to buy until early 2015 and will start at $349.

Both the new iPhones and the Apple Watch will have Apple Pay capabilities. Apple has made deals with several major credit card companies and several major retailers to allow users of this mobile payment platform to use payment terminals with a single tap. The security in place does not store your credit card information on the phone. This technology is looking to replace the need for a wallet.

Browser Extensions: The Great, the O.K. and the Very Ugly

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Would you like to browse the internet without having ads in your face the whole time? Adblock Plus removes ads from webpages that you're looking at to create a cleaner and prettier internet for you to use. It's a program that extends the normal functionality of your internet browser: a browser extension. There are some really great extensions out there in addition to Adblock Plus that are worth using: HoverZoom, Chrome remote desktop, and google mail checker among others.

Have you ever had a virus on your computer where it changed your homepage, you're randomly using a different search engine by default, and ads are coming up out of nowhere? A lot of malware out there gets on your computer through a bad browser extension. They can disguise themselves as something you may want to install or don't mind installing, but then they collect lots of data about you, give you ads to look at everywhere and generally are an extreme annoyance. When you get a chance, look at what extensions (add-ons for firefox and IE uses) you have installed and make sure you know what each of them does and makes sure that you want them. If you see a screen that looks like the photo below, you need to remove all those extensions, or better yet, reset your browser to defaults.

Browser extensions like most other things online can provide great benefit when used properly, but when abused they can be harmful. Be mindful of the extensions you have and you will keep the malware at bay.